“From the Depth of Our Hearts” Virtual Event - Premier Invitation

MAY 12th Friday at 7pm PST

There are not enough words to express how thankful we are for people like you.

Join us as we celebrate virtually with wonderful, loving, like-minded Genesis followers. We will launch our 12-minute video Virtual Event 2023.

Find out how you can continue to get involved and what are our dreams to be fulfilled!!!

DOUBLE Your donation in helping us offer healing to abandoned / rescued traumatized children!!

$50K Matching Grant — Double Your Impact!

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Help Us with Needed Supplies

One of our butterflies.

Sponsor our Children


Lovingly Sponsor monthly either Alondra, Alicia, Alejandro, Chemo or Marcitos.


Support Our Caregivers


Support our wonderful 9 Skilled Loving Caregivers— Gaby R, Ana Luisa, Esmeralda, Lupita, Yazmin, Teresita, Paty, Denisse and Eva who deeply love❤️ and gently care for His Fragile Butterflies 🦋

Daily Medicine


Buy 3 weeks of daily medicine for Alejandro, Alicia & Marcitos (our normal $$ when healthy)

2 Weeks of Dr. Visits


Bring Dr.Mellissa, a caring professional, to oversee medical care and visitonce a week to care for our fragile butterflies 🦋 (2 weeks of visits) .


Home School Teacher and Supplies


Send Alondra, Chemo, Marquitos, Alex and Alicia to home school by helping to support a part time Teacher’s salary and their school supplies.

Hospital Fund


Give monthly ($180 yearly) towards our important Hospital Fund for extra medicines and supply needs when one of His fragile butterflies 🦋 is 911 to the hospital (Sadly this is a normal for some of our niños)

PPE for Caregivers


Critical PPE for our 9 Skilled Loving Caregivers

Daily Medicine (1 week)


Buy 1 week of daily medicine for Alejandro, Alicia & Marcitos (our normal $$ when healthy)

General Fund


Give to our General Fund for our basic Beautiful Gate family needs. (We know this sounds boring but it will meet important needs every family has.)

Protein Shakes


3 boxes of Premier Protein Shakes from Costco for Alondra, Marcitos and Chemo to supplement their nutrient needs.

Sanitation Supplies


Much needed Sanitation supplies of Hand sanitizer, Disinfectant wipes, Lysol spray and Chlorine bleach for our Beautiful Gate Family.

Nebulizer Treatment


Essential Nebulizer Lung treatment for Alejandro per week.

Communication Therapy


Amazing Communication Therapy for Alondra.